Excitonic photon storage



We implement photon storage with 250 ps rise time of the readout optical signal. Transient processes in the CQW were studied by measuring the kinetics of the exciton emission spectra after application of the gate voltage pulse. Strong oscillations of the exciton emission wavelength were observed in the transient regime when the gate voltage pulse was carried over an ordinary wire, and gating the CQW via an impedance-matched broadband transmission line has lead to an effective elimination of these transient oscillations and expedient switching of the exciton energy to a required value within a short time, much shorter than the exciton lifetime.

A.G. Winbow, L.V. Butov, and A.C. Gossard, Photon storage with sub-nanosecond readout rise time in coupled quantum wells, arXiv:0807.4920v1 (2008), J. Appl. Phys. 104, 063515 (2008).

Photon storage with nanosecond switching was implemented with indirect excitons in coupled quantum well nanostructures. The storage and release of photons was controlled by the gate voltage pulses. The nanosecond write and readout times were much shorter than the storage time, which reached microseconds. Furthermore, the presented control of excitons on a time scale much shorter than the exciton lifetime demonstrates the feasibility of studying excitons in in situ controlled electrostatic traps.

A.G. Winbow, A.T. Hammack, L.V. Butov, and A.C. Gossard, Photon Storage with Nanosecond Switching in Coupled Quantum Well Nanostructures, Nano Lett. 7, 1349-1351 (2007).